Website Redesign & Announcement

Welcome to our new website! It's been a long time coming. When we started our business out of the garage back in 2012, we never thought we'd grow as fast as we have. Here we are now in 2015, with two customer service nods under our belt and a very solid three-tier approach to our service offering. We have evolved from a computer service/repair company to a full-blown IT management service company, with offerings from computer repair to network security and VOIP telecommunications. 

With that growth came the realization that our website was still in 2012. So, we've updated and upgraded. It's more user-friendly. And, no matter if you're visiting us on your computer, tablet or phone, the site perfectly concentrates down to match your screen size, while keeping the information in the same place. There's no "mobile" version here; it's all the same site, created to meet you where you are.

We are now bringing our attention to that tier of our business -- web design and development. Building a website is more than putting some images together. A lot of tech companies throw out buzzwords like "SEO" and "Content Marketing" while spitting out statistics with no real explanation. What it boils down to, though, is this: web design and development comes down to two basic tenets: It has to be beautiful, and it has to be functional. 

Beauty in web design is simplistic. It's finding what you need before you even need it. It's knowing the layout of the site by just seeing the homepage. Too often we see sites that are crammed with information, trying to eek out as much as possible from that online real estate. What we do is distill down what you're trying to say and concentrate your business down to its core, and then deliver that in a beautiful package to your prospective customers. 

Functionality, when talking about web design, incorporates some of that beauty, but then takes it a step further in taking care of the technology that makes your site relevant. It's important to us that your site shows up in the top pages of the most popular search engines. It's important that customers are driven to your site through social media interaction and visibility. Functionality extends to your social media profiles, in that we create a seamless experience between your site and social profiles so that your customers see a congruency in your web presence. 

If your website isn't up to your standards, or you want more information on our web development services, contact us today for a free consultation.