Small business services

Small business budget doesn't mean "small business" IT.

Small businesses require a ton of technology to not only run efficiently, but safely. In our ever-evolving digital world, protecting your data and your clients' privacy is of the utmost importance. Our small-business services range from security firewall appliances to Voice-Over-IP telecommunications. 


Email and domain management used to be very resource-heavy, both financially and network-wise. If you hosted your own email domain, it was with a Microsoft Exchange server, which would have cost several thousand dollars every year in upkeep and maintenance. Now, most email and domains can be managed "in the cloud," using services such as Google Apps for Business and MediaTemple. With a custom domain name (, and very low monthly cost, you can take advantage of services that you can carry with you on all your devices, and stay connected whether you're in the office or on the links. With our managed domains, you can:

  •  Have low-cost, multi-function email services
  • Connect your mobile devices and work computers to auto-sync with email and   calendars
  • Access shared calendars through the office/invite coworkers and employees to new events in the calendar system
  • Automatic notifications on mobile devices and computers when new emails/calendar events are received
  • Spend less money on server upkeep and focus more on what your company needs! 


Voice Over IP (VoIP) can make your business' telephony needs hassle-free. Our VoIP solution is built on the same architecture used by Fortune 500 companies, so you know you are getting a powerful, feature-rich and cost effective telephone system for your business. VoIP can save your company hundreds of dollars every year compared to standard analog telephony solutions. And whereas most VoIP services host the servers in the cloud or at a remote location, our PBX servers are located on-site, giving the business manager complete control over the telephone server. 

With an ASCS VoIP server you can:

  • Have incoming calls automatically routed to their necessary departments (billing, sales, etc)?
  • Greet incoming calls with a professional welcome message
  • Record phone calls for later review in the event of a dispute
  • Have voicemails sent directly to your email inbox
  • Have calls automatically routed in the event of after-hours calls.
  • Save hundreds of dollars in comparison to analog phone providers

What is Asterisk™?
Asterisk™ is the backbone of the All Star Computer Service VoIP server. It is a free and open source software solution, which means it is both cost-effective for your business as well as tested and developed by programmers worldwide. Asterisk™ is used by some Fortune 500 companies to power their telephony solutions. It is compiled to be secure against unwanted or malevolent connections. And since it's Linux-based, it's virus-free. 

If VoIP is a telephony solution for your business, contact ASCS today for a consultation.  


With hackers and virus-writers focusing their attacks on small businesses, it is important for your internal network to be protected from these malevolent connections and to protect your data from a breach in security. 

With an All Star Computer Service network firewall solution, your internal network is guarded by a highly-advanced, custom-configured security appliance that is constantly monitoring your network. This system is configured and updated with the latest security threats and operating system updates by an All Star Computer Service technician every month, so you can be assured that when network risks are detected, the threat is handled with little-to-no downtime for you or your business. 

This system is built on the free and open source Linux platform, keeping costs low for your business while still maintaining one of the most powerful network security systems on the market.