web design

Web design is more than getting your name on the internet. 

We have two tenets that we follow: Web design has to be beautiful and it has to be functional. Miss on either of those, and your web presence will fail.

You website has to be a force that drives sales to your business, and if your site is built on old technology, or isn't optimized for today's mobile-first internet, your brand will be passed over by consumers. 

When we build a website, design is a major factor, but it goes so much deeper than that. We provide you with the tools that make your site populate on the top page of the most popular search engines.  We tie in to your social media profiles to ensure a uniform presentation between your site and social media. And, most assuredly, we make it beautiful and functional.


Cheerfully designed by All Star Computer Service
— That is our tag. We believe that with all our heart. We take web design seriously. But we do it cheerfully.

Our Portfolio

Click on the image below to go to the homepage of each business. Each of these sites was "cheerfully designed by All Star Computer Service".

The Supper Club experience provides you the ease of a restaurant in the comfort of your own home. You bring the guests and the Supper Club will provide a three-course meal (appetizer, entrée and dessert) prepared in your home. Entertain your guests while enjoying the most unique dinner experience in town. 

Our website design is both simple yet elegant, putting all the information regarding the service, including the menu, at your fingertips. The entire site is one long page that scales perfectly between mobile and desktop sites. 

Double D Roofing, Inc. is a roofing company in Amarillo, TX. They also specialize in windows, siding and gutters. Their projects range from Amarillo to Plainview and beyond. Their code is dependable and trustworthy.

When designing the Double D Roofing website, we needed to focus on both areas of their business -- roofing and windows/siding/gutters. Instead of making two websites, we were able to consolidate their offerings on the front page. Under the beautiful welcoming shot of their sign in front of a sharp blue Texas sky, website viewers find two quick-link images that take them to information for either roofing services or windows/siding services. 

Tascosa Building Products is locally-owned and operated, with the desire to provide their customers with a source for all of their construction project needs and provide quality service with integrity, respect and innovation.

When designing the website for TBP, we went with a large banner across the front page that gives you access to all their information immediately. Behind the banner, a shot of the storefront gives website visitors a frame of reference for the brick-and-mortar showroom.

A&J Electric has been in business in Amarillo and the Texas panhandle since 1977. Their projects range from home remodels to new construction. 

A&J Electric approached us to create a website that highlighted the service-side of their business. The homepage is a beautiful shot of their building, with custom-hung light fixtures that both provide a look into what they're capable of doing as well as giving a very artful image with the diagonal lines of the shadows. 

Love and Son Nursery is Amarillo's oldest and longest-tenured landscaping company in the Texas panhandle. Owned by 4th-generation owner Jimmy Patterson II, Love and Son Nursery specializes in outdoor landscaping projects for both residential and commercial applications.

Creating a website for Love and Son was an incredible experience, and we were able to use the incredible colors of their nursery and showroom to our advantage. By utilizing the photography of Bomb City Photography, we created a website where imagery is the forefront of the site, giving online visitors a beautiful frame of reference for the rest of Love and Son's services.

Hugh Hall Motors, Inc. have been selling quality used vehicles in Amarillo for over 40 years. They continuously stock premier and luxury vehicles such as BMW and Lexus. 

Hugh Hall Motors required an online "facelift." We curated a great selection of photography of the lot to show off the current inventory and created custom graphics as button links to each page for current inventory.